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Welcome to Aberdeen Fertility Centre


Welcome to Aberdeen Fertility Centre which serves the needs of patients in the Northeast of Scotland, Highland & Islands, and provides a wide range of fertility investigations & treatment for both NHS and self-funded patients.


Aberdeen Fertility Centre has a team of over 50 staff, with leading experts across several disciplines; our excellence in practice resulting from focussed training and clinical research whilst providing high quality, individualised and evidence-based fertility care.


Our Centre opening times are 0800-1600 Monday to Friday. The Centre phone lines are open 0900-1300 and the nursing phoneline is open 0830-1230. Outwith these times, please submit an online request form.




Waiting times


Our current NHS waiting times are as follows :


                                                      •             First appointment to see a doctor in Fertility clinic : 12 - 14 weeks

                                                      •             IVF appointment: 14 - 16 weeks (from time of IVF referral)

                                                      •             Semen analysis : 3 - 4 weeks of appointment request

                                                      •             Donor egg recipient : up to 6 months (after accepted onto waiting list)

                                                      •             Donor sperm recipient : up to 6 months  (after accepted onto waiting list)




Patient information - BBC News article relating to frozen eggs

In light of the recent press coverage relating to several English IVF clinics, please be reassured that the specific freezing solutions used in these clinics has never been used here in Aberdeen Fertility Centre. All patients who have undergone Embryo and Egg freezing here in Aberdeen will not be impacted even if these samples have been exported to another clinic within the UK. If you have any further queries or concerns, please contact us directly.



Introduction of Storage Fees in NHS Scotland on 1st Sept 2023​

On the 1st September 2023, the way Scottish NHS fertility centres manage the storage of gametes and embryos changes. These changes have been agreed nationally for NHS fertility centres and mean that some patients will have to pay a storage fee to store their embryos or gametes. This will not impact any patients who are self-funding/funded IVF treatment and are paying storage fees already for any gametes or embryos in storage. 


The change will affect all new and current patients who are eligible for NHS funded gamete and embryo storage, but not those freezing gametes or embryos for Fertility Preservation treatment.  


On the 1st September 2023, all patients undergoing the 1st, 2nd or 3rd egg collection for IVF treatment, and who are NHS funded, will be required to sign a nationally agreed patient contract and financial declaration.  NHS funded patients storing sperm after this date will also be required to sign this patient contract. The patient contract will be issued to you on the Fertility Consent platform along with your other consents.  


For any NHS funded patients who already have material in storage on the 1st September 2023, you may be required to pay a fee when your current storage period expires if you wish to extend your storage period.  HFEA consents will also be required to do this, and you will be asked to sign the patient contract at the same time. 12 months prior to your storage expiry, the laboratory team will write to you providing further information about this process.  


Please read the following information sheet to see if the change applies to any material you may have in storage at Aberdeen Fertility Centre. Further details can be found here




Significant milestone for donor conceived individuals


From the end of 2023, donor conceived individuals can request identifiable information about their donor from the HFEA. This includes the donor’s full name, last known address, date of birth and place of birth. To do this:


- the donor conceived individual must have turned 18

- the donor must have been registered after 1st April 2005

- Further information about this can be found on the HFEA website: Donation | HFEA

- HFEA have created new leaflets for donors and close relatives in preparation for potential contact with donor conceived individuals which can be found here.






         Introduction video currently being updated





Patient Information Evenings


Our patient information evenings take place on the first Monday of every month via Near Me. It is important that all patients and partners attend one of these sessions prior to the first consultation with medical staff. You will be sent a letter with the date of the session for you to attend with instructions on how to join the Near Me session. The aim of the session is to give you useful information about the process of IVF treatment and information about the various consents that you are required to complete before you can undertake any treatment. These are complex consents and are legal documents which our regulatory body HFEA requires to be completed to allow your gametes and embryos to be used in treatment. The session will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions.

There is a lot of information about fertility treatments available in various websites, on TV, magazines and newspapers however, within the Aberdeen Fertility Centre our experienced and caring staff will explore all options that may be suitable for you and together we will work on individualised plans for your journey.

Information will be provided at various steps in your journey by our medical, nursing and laboratory colleagues to ensure you are confident in giving your consent prior to any procedure or process being undertaken.