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The Aberdeen Fertility Centre was founded in 1985 by Professor Allan Templeton to provide fertility services within the North East of Scotland. The Centre initially provided donor insemination treatment and the first baby was born in 1986. A number of innovative research projects led to the creation of an in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) service in 1988, leading to the first IVF baby being born in 1989.

The Centre has grown substantially since, and now provides a full suite of fertility treatments which have helped thousands of couples over the years. The Centre has also received global recognition for its impactful research which has transformed the way treatments are now provided.

To ensure all our patients receive individual care, staff are committed to providing a complete caring experience incorporating; not only expert medical and scientific skills but also an appreciation of the emotional aspects of subfertility.

Our quality policy puts patients at the centre of everything we do:

Quality Policy for Aberdeen Fertility Centre and Andrology Diagnostic Services

To provide patient centred treatment that is rational, efficient and effective, and which is delivered in a compassionate manner to all our patients in accordance with UK regulatory requirements.

To be committed to good professional practice that meets professional Codes of Conduct and demonstrates competence.

To be committed to providing diagnostic tests and treatments that are fit for the intended purpose.

To audit work flow, including documentation, and optimise outcomes in patient management.

To set and review quality objectives resulting in continuous improvement of our processes to meet ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 9001:2015.

To provide a supportive learning environment which encourages the professional development of all staff.