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There are many reasons identified causing infertility in both male and female partners. In just over one third of cases, a problem is identified in the male; the male reproductive system makes, stores and transports sperm. Male infertility is therefore associated with either sperm production, delivery or fertilisation capacity, or combination of more than 1 function. For example, sperm may not be produced, where sperm are produced, there may be a structural blockage which does not allow transportation, or the sperm may be of poor quality which reduces the capacity for fertilising the female egg.

For some, the desire to achieve parenthood may be dependent on the availability of donor sperm. Currently, there is a shortage of sperm donors in Scotland. If you are a healthy male, age 18-45yrs, and motivated in helping others achieve their dream of having a child we would like to hear from you.


In order to become a sperm donor men are required to:

  • be aged between 18 to 45 years
  • be a non-smoker
  • have no personal or family history of inherited illness or disability
  • screen negative for certain infections and genetic diseases

What is involved?

Before being accepted as a donor

You will be sent a questionnaire to complete which informs us about your current health, lifestyle and your family medical history up to grandparents on both paternal and maternal sides of your family.

If your questionnaire is satisfactory, you will be invited to attend an initial personal consultation at a mutually convenient time to have a medical check including a blood test. You will be asked to provide a semen sample to determine its suitability for freezing. If the results of the semen test are fine, you will have further screening blood tests and counselling with our independent counsellor to understand the implications fully. Following acceptable test results, you can become a donor and will then be asked to complete a number of consent forms to allow the use of your donated sperm.


Donors are asked to provide semen samples at mutually convenient times and intervals, which is arranged directly with the laboratory staff. The number of samples varies with each individual, but most donors provide between 10 and 20 samples over a period of 3-6 months.

All donors are required to produce their samples at the Aberdeen Fertility Centre, and we have private facilities for this. We ask that samples be produced by masturbation, after approximately 3 or 4 days of sexual abstinence, into special containers that we supply.

You will be invited for another blood test 3-6 months after donating and sperm can only be released for use once clearance screening has been carried out.


The Aberdeen Fertility Centre is licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority which sets standards for all UK fertility centres. Please visit www.hfea.gov.uk for further information.

Donation is a generous and positive act and if you decide to become a donor, you will be helping people have children when they otherwise could not. As with other types of donation, motivation to help others in this way is a truly altruistic act and there will be no financial compensation or expenses paid when donating at Aberdeen Fertility Centre in line with the other three NHS Scotland fertility centres. We are asking for your help to support our patients who need donor eggs/sperm and also to support our NHS service.

Donor Information

Recipients may be given non-identifying information about their donors if they request it. People born as a result of donation will be able to find out the identity of their donor when they reach the age of 18 if they request it.

As a donor

  • You will not be told the identity of recipient/s of your sperm
  • You have no legal right of access to, or parental or financial responsibility for, any children resulting from your sperm donation
  • You will be able to find out how many children are born, the year of their birth and the sex of the child as a result of your donation
  • You may be contacted in the future, via the HFEA, by people over the age of 18 born as a result of your donation
  • You have a right to withdraw from the donation process at any stage before your sperm or the embryos created from your sperm are transferred to the recipient

Contact Us

If you think you could help by becoming a sperm donor you can contact us directly at gram.afcdonation@nhs.scot.