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It is well recognised that undergoing investigations and treatment for fertility can be an extremely challenging experience for individuals and couples.


At Aberdeen Fertility Centre, we see the emotional support for our patients as being of equal importance to the medical care offered. The counselling service is available to all patients, at no cost and is available at any point in treatment, be that before, during or after treatment. We aim to offer a flexible service which meets each individual’s needs at any point – this is something that you would discuss with the counsellor when you first meet. 


Therapeutic counselling is what most people would think of when they hear the word ‘counselling’.  It is your decision and choice to have therapeutic counselling. People might wonder what the purpose of it is – for some individuals and couples it is a private place to share how they are feeling about their situation; to hear what their partner is thinking or feeling about it or to share with them how they are feeling; to explore the emotional and psychological impact this is having on your life and understand how you are managing to cope with this. Essentially, it is space and time to explore the associated difficulties which you are experiencing as a result of your situation. This process can be beneficial as many people going through fertility treatment will often feel quite alone and that others in their social world have little understanding as to what it is like to have this in their life. Counselling is confidential (subject to certain conditions which will be explained to you by the counsellor when you first meet), and it is quite separate from your medical care with us.


If you are considering becoming an egg, sperm or embryo donor or a surrogate or are considering/ planning to use a donor or surrogate for your fertility treatment or are considering preserving your fertility and storing eggs or sperm for future use, it is mandatory that you attend what is called an ‘implications counselling’ session before treatment. These types of sessions aim to explore with you how you feel about this potential pathway, discuss any concerns or worries you may have about this as well as discuss the potential implications for you and any children that might come to be born. The purpose of these sessions is to help you make an informed decision as to whether this pathway is the right one for you/you both and to ensure you understand the possible consequences of this in the future. The clinic will ensure you are offered an implications counselling session(s) in line with our standard policies and before any decisions/commitment is made on your part. Implications counselling is confidential (subject to certain conditions which the counsellor will explain to you when you first meet).


Accessing our therapeutic counselling service is straight-forward. You can self-refer for counselling at any stage of your treatment journey. Sometimes a member of your care team here may discuss with you whether counselling could be beneficial, and they can request this on your behalf subject to your approval of this - but the decision to proceed with counselling is entirely up to you. Counselling appointments are available in person, or via the Near Me platform or by telephone.


To book a counselling appointment, please contact us by emailing gram.aberdeenfertility@nhs.scot or by calling: (01224) 553101.


This document contains information on additional support for those people who are undergoing fertility treatment and might be of interest to you: